Monday, April 28, 2014

Mover Monday | Applying Past Lessons

As our PeaceMovers reflect on their past week, they exude a sense of revitalization when they recall the priceless moments in which students apply lessons from past classes. 

"These kids are amazing. We began a discussion of emotions and behavior management, and the kids shared about their experiences with depression and the life events that caused the depression. We talked about the importance of expressing anger and sadness to prevent depression, and about coping behaviors. Then we danced for an hour to lighten the mood."
-PeaceMover Facilitator Maura Harford

"The students each connected with different parts of today's managing emotions lesson.  Without prompting, one student even said they could use active listening in the house - to listen to their Dad, and to avoid getting in trouble or seeming rude when they don't pay attention.  When asked, another student said they could try taking five deep breaths when they get too silly in class."
-PeaceMover Facilitator Elana Kanter


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